Licht I, Light Objects 2016

light projection instrument | For this ongoing series, an instrument was developed that allows the sound of objects to be experienced with the eyes in the form of light. Small objects made of wire and aluminum sheeting are made to resonate with modulated pure tones. At the same time, they are exposed and projected onto a wall in the exhibition space. This process shows forms made of light which are in motion within themselves – it displays relation- ships between sound and form. Though they are inaudible to the viewer, and appear to be reduced to light and shadow, over time a sense of sound is produced in the visual effect. As a result of the resonation, relationships between seeing and hearing and the physicality of sound arise. The acoustic raw material is pure tone. Pure tone (also called sine tone) contains the concept of motion in its very name. Object and sound are inextricably linked. They show sound to be a movement between the auditory and the visual – an oscillation between senses. The piece has been created during a residency at the Stichting IK (Netherlands).


Installation 2018

Luminogramme VI

Luminograms 2018

Luminogramme III

Luminograms 2017

Licht I

Light Objects 2016


Installation 2016

Feld V

Resonant Object 2016


Installation 2014

Phonographien IV

Drawings 2017


Installation 2010


Installation 2012


Installation 2008


Installation 2014

Licht II

Light Objects 2016


Resonant Object 2014

Luminogramme II

Luminograms 2017

Photogramme VII

Photograms 2014


Resonant Object 2013

Photogramme IV

Photograms 2014


Artist Book 2014


site specific installation 2011-2013