Holz, Installation 2008

wood, sinus tones, white noise, electronics | realized with kind support by a grant of INM - Initiative Neue Musik Berlin. The installation is an arrangement of twelve sound objects made of wood. They appear as resonance bodies. The sound material consists of sinus waves and white noise. Spectra of sinus tones are moving slowly across the group of sound objects. This is generated via a custom build wireless multi channel system. By touching the objects partials of the sound patterns are mediated via the visitor’s body in a tactile way, so the experience is intensified towards an immediate physically experienced connection with the piece – A transition between the audible and the tactile perception. The static and clear visual appearance of the arrangement is contrasted by sound patterns that move in themselves. The piece reacts to the acoustic properties of the exhibition space by emerging interferences caused by standing waves. The waves and their movement generate modulations between the sound objects. The sequence of sounds follows an algorithm which rearranges the composition during the exhibition.


Installation 2018

Luminogramme VI

Luminograms 2018

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Licht I

Light Objects 2016


Installation 2016

Feld V

Resonant Object 2016


Installation 2014

Phonographien IV

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Installation 2008


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Licht II

Light Objects 2016


Resonant Object 2014

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Resonant Object 2013

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Artist Book 2014


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